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Comprehensive package of control and isolation valves, including ball, butterfly, check, gate, globe, and much more
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Cam-Tite® - Top Entry Metal Ball Valves
Dia-Flo® - Diaphragm Valves
PermaSeat SP
Target Rock
A complete line of qualified pneumatic, electro-hydraulic, electric, and solenoid actuation packages
Fluid Sealing
Tube plugging and sleeving systems and expansion joints
Instrumentation / Monitoring
Leak and flow rate monitoring as well as safety-related calibration services
Optimized component compatibility for increased thermal power production
Large bore and equipment snubbers built for ASME section III services
Paul-Munroe Enertech
Previously Paul-Munroe Engineering and Paul-Munroe Hydraulics
ITT Cam-Tite® - Top Entry Metal Ball Valves
Positive shutoff and process isolation of severe service applications

The ITT Cam-Tite® ball valve is a top entry, single body construction providing positive shutoff and process isolation of severe service applications. ITT Came-Tite Ball ValvesThe Cam-Tite® ball valve has a long history of reliability in nuclear power plants worldwide in many systems that handle difficult fluids.

The unique design has developed a reputation for performance unequaled by conventional floating ball designs. A few of these features include the patented caged bonnet, welding in-line without disassembly, and superior stem sealing. The Cam-Tite® ball valve is available with a manual handwheel or easily automated with electric or pneumatic operators.

General Specifications
Size: 1" to 6"
Ratings: ANSI Class 150 and 600
Connections: Threaded, Socket Weld and Buttweld
Quality Class: Commercial, Safety Related, and ASME Code Section III

Additional Information
Uniquely designed ball geometry

Bi-directional, bubble tight shutoffThe Cam-Tite® ball valve is a quarter turn with a uniquely designed ball geometry that is optimized for tight shutoff and process isolation. The spherical surface around the port edge of the ball is machined away, forming a bevel that passes completely around the port opening. The resulting non-spherical ball mechanically compresses both upstream and downstream seats to effect a tight, dependable seal independent of line pressure.

The Cam-Tite® is unique from other floating ball valve designs since it does not rely on upstream pressure to force the ball into the seat to create a seal. Breakaway torque is also minimized with this valve, which is especially important when the valve remains in the closed position for long periods of time.

The top entry design employs a bolted bonnet which provides mechanical support for the valve stem using upper and lower stem seals. By using upper and lower stem seals, lateral loading is minimized maintaining near perfect alignment. This results in a low operating torque and long stem seal life without leakage. The top entry design feature allows for easy removal and replacement of all trim components utilizing one subassembly

Features and benefits
Feature Benefit(s)
Top Entry, Caged Bonnet
  • Quick & Easy Turnaround During Scheduled Maintenance
  • All Internal Components are Removed by Lifting off the Bonnet Assembly
Weld Without Disassembly Removal of Valve not Required, Saves Time and Cost , Reduced ALARA Exposure
Non-Spherical Ball Mechanically Compresses both Upstream and Downstream Seats, Creating a Tight Seal Independent of Line Pressure
Low Operating Torque Reduces Lateral Loads on Valve Stem, Prolonging Stem Life
Recommended applications

  • Instrument Air Supply Isolation valve
  • ECCS Shutoff Valves
  • CVCS Isolation Valves
  • MSR Drain Tank – Shutoff Valve
  • CCW Heat Exchanger – Temperature Control
  • Emergency Diesel Generator , Fuel Supply Shutoff Valve
  • Containment Air Isolation Valve Radwaste Handling
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